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Devoran Metals Screed Rails

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Devoran Metals supply Kota screed rails for the professional installation of industrial concrete floors. Kota screed rails bring many advantages to the end user who needs a fast, easy to install and robust solution to screed floors.

Kota Screed Rails Range Advantages of Kota Screed Rails

The use of metal top screed rails makes it easier to achieve a very straight and fully controlled hairline crack. A plastic profile can be fitted if the joint needs to be sealed.
The flat top rail is a very sturdy rail with a unique profile providing excellent bonding and superior consistency on the top face.

metal top screed rails for concrete floors

screed rails for concrete flooring

Kota concrete screed rails

  • Lightweight and easy to handle - 0.5 to 2.28 kg/m.
  • Needs minimum room for storage.
  • Very robust, galvanising prevents rust.
  • The waved design provides a strong joint.
  • Can be used with all types of vibrator beams
  • Cost effective installation
  • High quality workmanship
  • High levelling tolerance
  • Easy to make slopes and drains
  • Top allows the beam to slide over with ease.

    best screed rails for concrete flooring
Kota Steel Screed Rail Range
concret floor steel screed rails
Type SB
The type SB with the folded top provides shrink line protection as the joint comes under the folded top.
Type S
The type S with the plastic profile is for when the shrink line needs to be sealed. When the plastic profile is removed, the joint can be filled with sealer.
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Devoran Metals Ltd - Cornwall's specialist supplier and stockists of screed rails for reinforced concrete floors we have the complete range of kota screed rails - steel screed rails, concrete screed rails. Strategically placed for the South West