50mm Square Window Sash Weights


Devoran Metals mild steel window sash weights made from 50mm Round Mild Steel. All sash weights are made to order and fabricated in our workshop.

Please allow up to 5 – 7 days from the placement of your order for sash weights.

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50mm Square Window Sash Weights used to counter-balance the weight of a sash window when opening and closing.

Also available in 40mm Square


Additional information

Weight N/A
Size x Length

6lb (2.72kg) x 138mm, 7lb (3.17kg) x 161mm, 8lb (3.62kg) x 184mm, 9lb (4.08kg) x 208mm, 10lb (4.53kg) x 231mm, 11lb (4.98kg) x 254mm, 12lb (5.44kg) x 277mm, 13lb (5.89kg) x 300mm, 14lb (6.35kg) x 324mm, 15lb (6.81kg) x 347mm, 16lb (7.26kg) x 370mm, 17lb (7.71kg) x 393mm, 18lb (8.16kg) x 416mm, 19lb (8.62kg) x 439mm, 20lb (9.08kg) x 463mm, 21lb (9.52kg) x 485mm, 22lb (9.97kg) x 509mm, 23lb (10.43kg) x 532mm, 24lb (10.88kg) x 555mm, 25lb (11.33kg) x 578mm, 26lb (11.79kg) x 601mm, 27lb (12.24kg) x 624mm, 28lb (12.70kg) x 648mm, 29lb (13.15kg) x 671mm, 30lb (13.60kg) x 694mm, 31lb (14.06kg) x 717mm, 32lb (14.51kg) x 740mm


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