Woodland Barton Wind Farm

A fantastic example of a typical wind turbine base structure, comprised of shape code 67 radius bent reinforcing bars.


Application: CARES Approved Steel Reinforcement

Date: Feb 2014

Engineer: RBC

Contractor: Raymond Brown Construction (Knights Brown)


Investment in the patented Oscam 89s radius bender has revolutionised production on radius bars, allowing more than one bending radius on the same bar, and alternating both straight and bent sections. Each individual turbine base in this project utilised over 50 tonnes of cut & bent reinforcing bar, all CARES approved and supplied direct to site by Devoran Metals.


  • CARES approved BS4449 reinforcing bar, cut & bent in accordance with BS8666:2005 including SC67 radius bars and SC99 bespoke bars.
  • 17g Black Annealed Tying Wire
  • Concrete Spacer Blocks


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